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Inventory Management

Supply chain control from the store to the patient

Supply chain control

    MaQS is the solution for supply chain control from the store to the patient by providing inventory scan in/out technology, stock take and inventory management for all products. By using MaQS you will have clinical and financial intelligence to manage the cost of procedures and improve revenue streams.

Preference Card management

    MaQS gives you the power to build surgeon specific preference cards. Based on a procedure and surgeon preference, obtain comprehensive reporting on procedure costs, consumable spend and compliance with contracts.

Seamless integration

    MaQS Interfaces with patient admission systems, purchasing systems and financial systems to connect all information. Our ability to integrate with existing programs pulls essential management data into one place

  • Accurate procedural costings
  • Reduced stock holding
  • Improved accuracy of allocation
  • Fully integrated solution
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Implant capture and replenishment

Other MaQS Products

Not looking for inventory management? Find out more about our other MaQS Software solutions.

Asset Tracking
  • Track mobile assets
  • Schedule patient loans
  • Reduction of borrowed equipment
  • Monitor patient movement
Instrument Tracking
  • All process information easily accessed
  • Fully paperless system
  • Photos, Videos, and IFUs for all
  • KPI Reporting
  • Staff Activity at a glance
  • Quality Framework for processes
Endo Module
  • Guided cleaning instructions
  • Link to patient
  • Monitor storage and expiry
  • Record pre-cleaning activities