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Precision Medical

Precision Medical has been providing the MaQS Software Suite to the Health Care industry since 1998. MaQS is designed specifically for the hospital environment and is installed throughout Australia and New Zealand in public and private facilities.

MaQS is fully owned, developed and supported in Australia, allowing fast response times to your needs. 


Our Program

MaQS is comprised of five unique modules; Instrument Tracking; Inventory Management; Surgeons Preference Cards; Asset Tracking; and the newly launched Endoscopy Module. Our modules support your organisation’s unique requirements to monitor cleaning and usage of RMDs, determine accurate procedural costings and manage consumable stock throughout the hospital. 

Track and trace surgical instruments and sets, from process to patient
Supply chain control from the store to the patient
Preference cards to link consumable products and usage to a patient's record
Monitor and schedule your mobile hospital assets
Record patient usage, processing and storage of your endoscopes
Our Story

    Established in 1998, MaQS began with a simple idea to print a label to affix to the outside of wrapped instrument trays. As the requirements of AS/NZS 4187 have grown over time, MaQS has evolved to provide your organisation with a fully complimentary software suite to monitor, trace and report on your hospital’s valuable assets.